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Hefei airport adds 3 line newly many course is added close
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Dispatch of Hefei evening paper today executive time of plan of Ming Chunhang class is the winter on October 26, 2008 - civil aviaton will execute new wintry spring flight number on March 28, 2009. New boat season, hefei general and 28 cities be open to navigation or air traffic, 16 airline are in fat operation, every week only then hair airliner is 368, among them already 302 enter airline ticket to sell a system.

With photograph of season of wintry spring boat was compared last year, will add line this year 3, it is Shenyang respectively - Hefei - Xiamen, Hefei - Zhengzhou - Xi'an, Hefei - Wen Zhou - Shan head course. In addition, the airliner of many course is added close, hefei reachs Beijing everyday 7 class, Hefei reach Guangzhou everyday 5 class, Hefei reach Shenzhen everyday 4 class, Hefei come Xiamen everyday 3-4 class, Hefei reachs Kunming everyday 3 class, Hefei are added to the big talk, Xi'an, Changsha, city such as Qingdao come closely everyday 2-3 class, . Take capital scheduled flight especially not only class line is added close, and airliner hour gets optimizing, more hasten is reasonable. The airliner hour of this course is specific for: Hefei takeoff time is 08:1 respectively0, 10:10, 11:15, 13:30, 16:10, 17:25 with 19:40, beijing takeoff time is 07:1 respectively5, 08:55, 10:55, 13:35, 16:20, 17:00 with 20:20.

In addition, area of Anhui of pass in and out of new boat season the type of airliner of all Na Hang of each airport will be main carry out with A320 of newest wide system plane, A321 and B738. And by Na Hang hold the Hefei that fly, Guangzhou fizzles out via stopping no longer hill, instead non-stop flight to. (Zhu Ping of Zhang Xiaolei of Jiang dawn Dong Wangyong)

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