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Baggage cent carries to hold in the palm baggage, provide for oneself baggage and carry article. The contraband goods that the country provides, limitation carries article, dangerous article, and the other goods that has peculiar smell or easy blemish plane, cannot serve as baggage or consign inside sandwich baggage. In airline is receiving moving Li Qian or carrying a process, in discovering baggage, contain any article that must not serve as baggage or carry inside sandwich baggage, can reject to control use or stop at any time carry.

To carry safety, airline can undertake checking to its baggage jointly with the passenger; When necessary, can undertake checking jointly with concerned branch. If the passenger rejects to accept an inspection, airline has authority to reject to carry to this baggage.

The article that must not consign inside sandwich baggage basically includes:

Small and jewel tastes: Cash, negotiable securities, bill of exchange, credit card, gem, camera.

Urgent need article: Medicines and chemical reagents, the key, passport, traveller's check, business affairs file.

The article that cannot replace: Scriptural, ancestral content.

Brittle article: Glasses, terrarium, liquid.

Afore-mentioned article should be carried, or put in but in the carries baggage below park seat. Airline carries to holding in the palm the losing of afore-mentioned article or attaint press the carry secretly inside baggage to consign baggage to assume liability to pay compensation commonly.

The passenger must not carry control cutting tool to seize the opportunity. The edge tool beyond control cutting tool or blunt implement should follow consign baggage, cannot carry.

1, baggage is consigned

The passenger must consign baggage by effective passenger ticket, deal with that day from the station in the airliner commonly seize the opportunity carry luggage receives when formalities. The article that does not belong to baggage should be consigned by goods, cannot consign as baggage.

Consign baggage to must pack perfect, lock in good condition, bundle up is firm, the pressure with can bear constant, below normal operation condition safety assembles and unassemble and can carry, should accord with following condition, otherwise, airline can reject to control use:

(one) viatic box, travel bag and handbag must add a lock;

(2) the parcel post of two above, cannot bind it is;

(3) cannot add on baggage insert other goods;

(4) the bamboo basket, string bag, careless rope, careless bag outer packing content that cannot serve as baggage;

(5) the full name that the passenger should mention expressly on baggage, detailed address, telephone number.

Of the passenger consign baggage, RMB of every kilograms of overbalance 50 yuan when, can deal with the statement value of baggage. The statement value that consigns baggage cannot exceed the real value of baggage itself. The ceiling of baggage statement value of each passenger is a RMB 8000 yuan. When if airline is right,the passenger rejects to accept an inspection again, airline has authority to reject to control use. Each airline is very not identical to international airliner regulation, conduction statement value, the regulation that should press each airline is dealt with.
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