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Healthy journey common sense
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Seizing the opportunity to travel is to people a significant travel activity, had done corresponding thought to prepare to be able to make a ride easier.

Because flight height changes and the baric meeting inside the engine room in plane flight process changes, right now the passenger can feel ear is blocked up, audition drops, give out " phut phut " sound, perhaps have fill distensible feeling. To balance pressure, OK and frequent deglutition, chew chewing gum or yawn.

If afore-mentioned methods are not effective, use " pharynx beat canal aerates examination law " :

● holds close nostril, suck at a heat.

● is used two buccal the muscle with pharynx and larynx, press gas into nose hind, like blowing off from nostril with respect to the finger that resembles wanting a fare.

● tries gently blow, brief do a few times continuously. Should be heard or feel ear to have " phut phut " sound, the passenger succeeded. Do not press gas into lung and abdominal cavity (diaphragm) ; This meeting generates too strong pressure.

Drop in the plane the change of force of process middling pressure makes a baby particularly disturbed. Let them holding feeder or nipple to be able to alleviate somewhat.

Use handle method or the upper respiratory tract is affected or paranasal sinus is phlogistic, do not take a plane, climb and the change of the pressure when dropping can make a passenger uncomfortable.

If the passenger is taking prescription drug, should take the drug in process of quite whole trip, put inside dress pocket or the baggage that carry, do not put in ask area of moving Li Li, lose in case. Medicaments should maintain presence in former bottle, avoid to bring occurrence issue of check or customs inspection.

Adopt the following method, can make the impact of passenger time difference the least change:

Before ● travels, sleep a few good become aware.

● takes the scheduled flight that arrives in the evening as far as possible, OK and direct go to bed rests after next planes.

● aboard sleeps (when dropping besides the plane) .

Aboard makes ● muscle extend moves, eat delicate food, little drink.


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