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400 telephone booking special fares have to be careful off payment
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"400" telephone bookings may also be false. Yesterday a reporter from Dongguan City Terminal understand that some online special fares, sometimes as low as one or two off, in fact, may be fake ticket Web site. Terminal said that many online travel sites are fake websites imitate, play one or two off this eye-catching super-cheap tickets advertising. They often provide a false 400 call booking, or false payment page to defraud consumers money. Once when consumers dial the phone, the other will be "to prevent ticket prices, you need to send money in 2 hours to the designated account" and other grounds, require consumers to direct remittance. Finally, consumers paid for but can not get tickets. Terminal, said the quality of fake sites are often rough, in addition to providing fake service hotline, on the company profile, company contact information, etc. is unknown or can not open the page, and there was an error page; site logo production rough, often the object is to follow the example of The LOGO and other elements put together at random. Terminal Reminder: the majority of users should be vigilant, online consumer payment transactions as far as possible to avoid the first. In addition, users identify the authenticity of websites, it can give priority has been implemented for third-party "trusted sites" test shopping site.
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