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The safety after boat Heilongjiang plane maintains a factory to begin a red-lett
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For comprehensive summary " 51 " the experience that safeguard of golden week airliner works and lesson, continue to consolidate " 4 prevent rise " , " 3 prevent, 4 check, safety looks round " , " order of aircraft parking area is special punish " , " ' 51 ' golden week safety is checked greatly " and " Na Hang maintains unit across to check " working achievement, advance what MRS safety runs a system to build in the round, begin continuously " safe production is special punish activity " and " around make sure style of aviation safety thought reorganizes an activity " , plane of boat Heilongjiang branch maintains a factory to be in south " 51 " safety will be begun in the round after the section special reorganize an activity.

This the activity spread out in the round on May 8, ended on May 20. The study that the key that safety rectifies is manual of safe information management, regulations and groom.

Plane of boat Heilongjiang branch maintains a factory to will be chance with this activity south, work safety administration to be advanced to detail management from management by objectives, from perfect regulations system, catch responsibility to fulfil, catch detail work to be made, from go up at all solve real problem, base of security of ceaseless and perfect, deal with concrete matters relating to work, lay solid safe foundation to realize the implementation of year safety aim thereby, create longer safe cycle.


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