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With the end of the Spring Festival holiday, holiday travel peak also was temporarily a paragraph. Yesterday, reporters from the major travel agencies in Yantai City, Shandong Province was informed that, at the moment, travel agencies offer travel discounts to different degrees in general And "diving", peak shifting travel by more and more sought after City people. Compensatory leave the public focus on travel According to Ms. Teng Yantai country tour, this year the Festival Staff Committee continued to increase the number of trips, such as Hainan, Sanya, Yunnan, Kunming, hot south hot line registration, full before the fifteenth day after the holiday travel of people Grew over last year Sichengyishang. It is understood that members of the public post-holiday travel in the service sectors in addition to the regular section of overtime, time off after the holiday crowd, there is some flexibility in working hours, greater freedom of freelance. In addition, enterprises Festival crowd to work Offered unit of the proportion of trips has increased over last year, many people will be paid annual leave as a first choice after the holiday vacation time. Units of an organ in the work of Lai Shan Xu told reporters that he intended to use the annual leave with their wives and children to go to Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou to play, so his wife and children feel the culture of the southern Chinese New Year, although over long holiday release , But not on the fifteenth day or the New Year. Post-holiday travel is neither overcrowded area plagued the cost of travel during the Spring Festival is also a lot cheaper than that, why not do it! Festival tour price "diving" Interview, the reporter learned that, in addition to Hainan, Sanya, a popular tourist routes such as the South Festival travel prices are still 3,000 more than the price, Yunnan, Dali, East China travel tours offer five cities have varying degrees of discounts and Diving, the highest individual long-distance travel routes decreased by over half. During the first month of the fifteenth day of the sixth days of the tourism offer and the fifteenth day after the highest bid ranging from 1,000 to 1,500 yuan a difference. In this regard, Tourism Bureau official said, either from the economical point of view or perspective of the quality of service, load shifting travel is undoubtedly the choice of the relatively high cost. Some travel agencies to see reporters in the urban areas, Chinese New Year holiday period and the largest difference between the Festival tour more than 50%. According to travel agency staff, after the holiday travel prices varying degrees of "diving", first, because the peak travel period has expired, travel to the area, Different degrees of attraction tickets prices fall, buy tickets relatively cheap; the second is by ticket discount rate and price movements of local hotels. Peak shifting Tour start now Visit, the City is responsible for a number of travel agencies who have told reporters: "peak shifting and travel is not necessarily to wait until the fifteenth day after the fifth day, sixth day trip would be able to save a lot of money." In this regard, women's travel agent Mr. Sun, said: "This year's Spring Festival travel quotation in February 10 and 17 nodes around the formation of two prices, most of the lines quoted in the beginning after February 10 was significantly higher, Feb. 13,14,15 Japan reached the highest level dropped significantly after 17, 20, recovered after the purchase to the normal level. "From previous years, conventional point of view, the fourth day of the Spring Festival, the fifth day ticket and hotel prices will decline. The same is to Hainan Sanya, who started the fifth day of departure and departure, travel agents can offer a difference of 1,500 yuan. Usually the major airlines have discount fares 4.5-6, pre-Spring Festival Golden Week and even at full price rose to 7.5 fold. To the fifth day of the sixth day Then again back down to 6-7 fold. Therefore, if time allows, the peak shifting travel is economical and affordable. "
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