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The applicant deals with will notarization, what problem must note?
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Make a will, it is to make a will factitious after ensuring oneself lawful belongings can die in oneself, the apiration that presses oneself undertakes handling, and adopt the measure that has notarization through the notary organization makes a will, make its get legal protection, in order to avoid the issue that bequest handles. So, make a will, it is a very serious law problem. The notary organization presses concerned program and requirement strictly to deal with to this. Accordingly, make a will the person must note the following problems:
① makes a will must undertake below the situation that in oneself consciousness understands;
② makes a will the person must offer him about legal papers and the relevant proof material that concern lawful worth;
③ will must be written on the spot before the greffier of the notary organization and sign;
④ blame agrees via will person, will content wants to keep secret absolutely;
The beard in ⑤ will includes bequest allocation plan;
The beard in ⑥ will entrusts a will to execute a person.

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