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Application deals with foster notarization, what problem should note?
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Deal with foster notarization, no matter raise a person to sending, still be pair of consignees, include to be sent to raise a person, it is a very serious major issue, it is the necessary measure that according to law provides. So, must note the following problems:
① sends raising person and consignee must be a course after considering seriously repeatedly and reach foster completely voluntary agreement;
② both sides must be reached to civil administration branch deal with concerned approval procedures about the office that sends nursling daughter;
③ provides data of complete and valid bilateral identity document to the notary organization;
④ sends bilaterally, the concerned law that foster children motive must accord with our country;
The parental both sides that ⑤ sends nursling daughter must agree completely to send children raise foreign, among them if have father (or mother) one party does not agree, also do not accord with send raise a requirement. Same, the husband and wife of foster children is bilateral also must in pairs agrees, just accord with foster condition;
When ⑥ deals with foster notarization, both sides must be dealt with on the spot to the notary organization personally.

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