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Kunming airport - brief introduction of International Airport of Wu Jiaba of Kun
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KunmingAirport -Brief introduction of International Airport of Wu Jiaba of Kunming witch Kunming

1998, hold to receive 99 worlds rich to be able to be in Kunming, kunming airport undertakes large-scale extend the 3rd times again, devoted 10 built 58000 square metre more, year the modernization of above of 7 million person-time awaits passenger handling capacity machine building, area of aircraft parking area increases 160 thousand square metre, set 34 to halt a seat number. In according to year the 4th modernization of person-time of 7 million above awaits passenger handling capacity machine building builds after using, received the stern test that world rich meets namely, finish passenger handling capacity in those days 7.8 million person-time, await machine building newly to provide convenient, comfortable service for passenger of China and foreign countries with top-ranking establishment and management. On April 25, 2001, kunming International Airport with safeguard aviation safety arrogant person outstanding achievement of 50 years is awarded by civil aviaton total bureau " assure unit of aviation security parade guards " .

Civil aviaton Yunnan saves the Kunming International Airport that management board place belongs to, its predecessor was Feburary 1951 hold water " Kunming of agency of southwest of civil aviation bureau of the Central Military Commission stands " . Up to now, kunming International Airport is safe already safeguard flies 100 much sortie. Came 10 years of 2000 1991 especially, safeguard airliner flies 50 much sortie, make sure the airliner flies across 120 thousand much sortie, accumulative total finishs passenger handling capacity 50 million person-time, goods mails handling capacity 780 thousand tons, year all grow 30 % . Passenger year handling capacity ranks the whole nation two years continuously the 4th, sortie falls to rank the whole nation since the 6th. Kunming International Airport was experienced 3 times early or late change extend large-scaly. 1958, kunming airport undertakes changing extend, build 4036 square metre await machine building, port of pass in and out of the domestic trunk airport with make Kunming airport becomes southwest important and international course, become Yunnan provincial course and professional flight base. 1993, civil aviaton total bureau and Yunnan province government undertook the 2nd times changing extend to Kunming airport, build await machine cuddle 17000 square metre, undertook transforming to former runway.    
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