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Department of Commerce: crackdown of illegal hoarding of oil took the opportun
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Department of Commerce to ensure the oil supply emergency notification News from the Commerce Department Web site for the effective protection of the domestic oil market supply, the Ministry of Commerce recently issued an emergency circular, urging local authorities pay close attention to business market, strengthen the monitoring and early warning; coordination of efforts to increase oil production enterprises, to ensure market supply; rational allocation of resources to stabilize market prices. Notice requirements, the local competent commercial departments at all levels should pay close attention to the current oil market dynamics and response, establish and improve oil market contingency plans to further strengthen the refined oil market monitoring and early warning, complete control of oil market supply, sales and inventory operation continue to adhere to monthly oil market monitoring, weekly system, and, where necessary, start the daily monitoring system, strengthening of early warning. Notification requirements, competent commercial departments at all levels should actively coordinate oil enterprises to increase market supply, to ensure that oil market supply. China National Petroleum Corporation, China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation to arrange refinery production, efforts to improve the yield of diesel oil in particular, arrangements for the deployment of low pour point diesel fuel production and ensure supply of diesel low freezing point in winter. The circular stresses local competent commercial departments should actively coordinate the railway sector and the refined oil business enterprises to rationally allocate resources, the resource allocation and transportation, to enhance oil resources in all regions of the overall optimization of balance, increasing diesel market resource allocation, open supply stability of oil market prices; commercial departments at all levels to coordinate oil enterprises to protect the priority needs of the refined oil supply, to ensure that affected people's production and life, if necessary, give priority to key areas, key industries and air, bus transportation and other social public services needed oil resources. Notice that the local competent commercial departments at all levels to guide and coordinate the refined oil business enterprises, to further strengthen the management of gas stations and oil depots in the field in time to ease the queues of individual stations; to strengthen oil market supervision, and further strengthen cooperation with relevant departments communication and collaboration, according to the law against illegal hoarding oil, took the opportunity to shill bidding and other illegal acts to disturb the market order; necessary to inform the media when the oil market operations to deal with the specific situation and take measures to stabilize market expectations.
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