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Air shipping: Sen Xinyuan Air Special to always have
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As the most representative of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, one of retail department stores year-old treasure, the company since its beginning, the first to hit the "dedication to the people" slogan of service and believe in "customer first, people-oriented" management philosophy, more than 3,000 Staff professionalism and work together, creating a brilliant and well-known commercial brand, and establish a "large scale, homogeneous, price level, full functions, excellent service," the distinctive characteristics. The hand-year-old Bao Sen Xinyuan aviation department, set up a bao age Xiasha forest Xinyuan Aviation Sales, business development area of the old and new customers will bring new consumer experience. We will continue to offer every customer to provide quality ticket reservation service. The occasion of opening new store s, Gifts to send continuously! Where to buy in the Forest of Shenzhen Xinyuan sending air tickets (or more) tickets for passengers, and receive a free in Shenzhen (Yantian District, Luohu District, Futian District, Nanshan District, Longgang District, Buji Town) to Shenzhen Baoan Airport off service. Flight date from November 10, 2010 until December 31, 2010 only. For routes: Shenzhen Airlines Shenzhen origin of all domestic routes, except for charter flights. Charter flights to: Shenzhen - Guilin, Lijiang, Changde, Mount Wuyi, Mount Huangshan, Sanya, Jingdezhen, Shanghai (9721 flights), Wanzhou, Quzhou, Wenzhou, Yuncheng, Jinjiang, Nantong, Tianjin (9729 flights). Six twenty-two nine, special fares to send your hand. In order to facilitate customer service, Mori Xinyuan air more payment enabled, the implementation of quick money to pay, allowing you to process transactions more convenient Shenzhen Sen Xinyuan Industrial Development Limited was established in 1997, is by government, civil affairs, business, culture, transport, civil aviation, the labor department for approval and to create a comprehensive industrial company. Board of Directors of "real Mori Xinyuan, the customer is always in our hearts" to serve the purpose. After ten years of hard work, Shenzhen City Industrial Development Co. Sen Xinyuan has become a comprehensive large-scale enterprises. The community has won support and recognition.
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