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Lanzhou airport - in Lanzhou plain airport brief introduction
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Lanzhou airport - in Lanzhou plain airport brief introduction

Current, many airline such as northwest airline, China International airline, southern airline, northward airline, Xinjiang airline, Xiamen airline, southwest airline already was in in plain airport open up 35 course, formed it is a center with Lanzhou, join Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Guilin, Chengdu, Xi'an, Urumqi, Shenyang 30 many big in the aviation network of city and Japanese Okinawa, Hong Kong, Malaysia.

In Lanzhou plain the hub airport that the airport is the Gansu Province, civil aviaton the Gansu Province bureau base. Be located in Lanzhou of city of gold of motherland northwest borderland, it is the country is carried out western the first when extend changes after developing the strategy greatly western area airport. On June 20, 2001, in Lanzhou is willingly when Jiang Zemin's secretary-general inspects Gansu Province plain airport holograph epigraph.  
In Lanzhou plain airport extend project is the major project that civil aviaton total bureau and government of the Gansu Province invest construction jointly, 1997 start working, in November 2001, await machine building newly to pass national total test formally, throw operation. After building in plain the airport can rise fall the plane such as A300, A310, B757, B767, boat station building can be satisfied 2005 passenger handling capacity 2.6 million person-time, height hour the need of 1300 person-time. In Lanzhou plain airport construction style is novel, modelling is distinctive, be like roc volant, of career of adumbrative Gansu Province civil aviaton fly. Flow of harbor of the pass in and out inside the building is reasonable and smooth, service function is perfect, integral design is beautiful and easy, it is the garden type airport with a modern full-bodied breath. Its building will be mixed to northwest region economy positive stimulative effect arrived since the development of travel career.   


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